Machining Categories

4 Axis Machining

4-axis machining services for the manufacturing of various medical, aerospace and miniature components.

5 Axis Machining

5-axis machining services for the fabrication of a large assortment of power industrial components for a wide array of different markets.

9 Axis Machining

9-axis machining services offer precision machining in high volumes for close tolerances.

Aerospace Machining

Machining services specific to the aerospace industry often utilizing light weight high strength materials and close tolerances.

Automotive Machining

Machining services geared toward the intricate, large, and often labor intensive parts utilized by the automotive industry.

Brass Machining

Machining services for brass, a versatile and easily processed metal composed primarily of zinc and copper materials.

Composite Machining

Composites and advanced composite materials for close tolerance and special applications. Machining types include honeycomb, Kevlar, fiberglass and more.

Copper Machining

Machining services for copper: a ductile, conductive, corrosion resistant material that can be used in a variety of applications, including electrical equipment, valves, radiators, tanks, vessels, etc.

Electrochemical Machining (ECM)

Process of removing metal via an electrochemical process. ECM is used on heavy metals for intricate cuts and odd-shaped components.

Exotic Metals Machining

Machining services for exotic metals and alloys such as Hastelloy, Inconel, Kovar, Tungsten, Monel and Titanium.

Glass Machining

Machining services related to glass production and manufacture, generally including slicing, shaping and grinding.

Heavy Machining

Machining services for high quantity, heavy weight, large scale applications. CNC turning, cutting and boring services for a variety of industries.

Laser Machining

Laser machining and cutting is used to make precise cuts by melting, burning or vaporizing materials with a highly focused laser beam.

Medical Machining

Machining services focused on the medical industry applications requiring extremely high quality parts and no defects, with tolerances down to single microns.


Micromachining services commonly produce objects between 100 nanometers and 100 micrometers in size for accelerometer and gear/lever applications.

Military Machining

Machining services specific to military applictions for applications such as naval ships, fighter jets, tanks, missles and other related parts and componets requiring close tolerances and high durability.

Photo Chemical Machining

Photochemical machining (PCM), also known as photochemical milling or photo etching, is a way to produce highly complex parts with very fine detail accurately and economically.

Plastic Machining

Plastic machining services specially designed to make allowance for thermal expansion, softening and elasticity associated with plastic materials.

Quartz Machining

Machining services for quartz, a normally transparent crystalline material, whose thermal, optical, and ultraviolet transmission properties are superior to most other types of glass.

Rapid Prototype Machining

Utilizing additive manufacturing technology, rapid prototype machines can automatically construct physical objects from a wide range of materials, including metal, titanium, paper, thermoplastic, etc.

Screw Machining

Screw machines are automatic lathes that can be used for mass producing parts for a wide range of industries, including: commercial, automotive, aerospace, etc.


Ultrasonic Machining

Ultrasonic machining is a process to remove material with a vibrating tool operating at ultrasonic frequencies