Acrylic Machining Category

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State: CA, NC, NJ, OH, ON, PA
  • Trident Plastics

    Trident Plastics offers: AC-300TM static-dissipative cast acrylic sheeting, extruded acrylic tubing, extruded acrylic rod & profiles, cross linked cell cast acrylic sheeting, and general purpose acrylic sheeting. AC-300TM static-dissipative cast acrylic sheeting ranges in sheet size from 24 x 48" to 48 x 96", has a maximum thickness of 0.472, and a maximum pressure of 2.91lb/ft2. Extruded acrylic tubing (clear) has a standard length of 6 ft, a maximum OD of 5.000", and a maximum wall thickness of 0.250". The extruded acrylic rod & profile (clear) has a maximum OD of 3.000" and comes in a 6 ft standard length. Cross linked cell cast acrylic sheeting (aerospace grade) has tolerance levels ranging from +/- 0.012" in to +/- 0.50", and thickness ranging from 0.060" to 0.500". General purpose acrylic sheeting (UV stabilized) has a maximum pressure of 1.46lb/ft2, and sheet sizes up to 48 x 96". Other products offered by Trident include: abrasion-resistant acrylic sheeting, cell cast acrylic sheeting, preshrunk cell cast acrylic sheeting (aerospace grade), cast acrylic rods, cast acrylic tubes, etc.

    State: PA
  • Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc.

    Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc. offers: extruded acrylic, cell cast acrylic, cast acrylic, and acrylic mirror. Emco extruded acrylic products are available as sheets, rods, tubes, and other shapes. Sheet sizing ranges from 1/16" to 1" TH, and tube sizing ranges from 1/4" to 6" OD. Rods come in round, square, and hex configurations, and have a maximum diameter of 3". Cast acrylic and Cell cast acrylic products can be precision-cut to customer dimensions. Available colors include: patterned, translucent fluorescent, opaque pearl, colored edge, matte one side, and frosted. Acrylic mirror products have sheet sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1/4" TH, and lengths up to 48" x 96" CTS. Clear, stock, and patterned colors are available.

    Cedar Grove
    State: NJ
  • Plas-Tech Inc

    Plas-Tech, Inc. offers acrylic sheeting and clear extruded acrylic rods. Acrylic sheeting comes in four configurations: acrylic mirror sheeting, cast acrylic sheeting, extruded acrylic sheeting, and coated acrylic sheeting. Acrylic mirror sheeting is clear in color, has a heat rating of 195°F, a maximum thickness of 6mm. Sheet length is 86", and sheet width is 48". Clear acrylic extruded rods range in diameter from 1/8" to 2 1/2", and have a heat rating of 195°F.

    State: ON
  • PlastiFab/Leed Plastics

    PlastiFab offers acrylic sheets and rods. Sheets are cut to size, sanded, and are available in a vast array of thicknesses. Rods are available in 4 ft lengths with diameters ranging from 0.032" to 6.00".

    State: CA
  • Wilke Enginuity Inc

    Wilke Enginuity, Inc. offers CNC machining, turning, and routing services for acrylic materials. Tolerance level is 0.0002" with a 32 micro-inch finish or better.

    State: PA
  • Magna Machine Co.

    Magna Machine Co. offers 2/4-axis CNC machining services for acrylic materials. Machines have a tolerance position of 0.0005", and a repeatability of 0.0003". Industries served include: automotive, aerospace, defense, electronic, machinery, material transport, medical, tool, die, and burial.

    State: IN
  • E&T Plastics

    E&T Plastics offers sign products, see-through plastics, and equipment/preparation services. Sign products include: expanded PVC foam, Black n' White, letter trim, computer vinyl, foam boards, high impact polystyrene, fluted polypropylene, styrene & corrugated, polycarve, and SIGNOLITE sheeting. See-through plastics offered include: acrylics, acrylic colors, acrylic textures, acrylic color numbers, Twinwall Polycarbonate, Vivak/PETG, polycarbonate, acrylic mirror, high performance acrylics, AC300T acrylic, AC350T acrylic, etc. Equipment/preparation services include: CNC routing, 5 axis routing, diamond edge polishing, computerized cutting, vacuum forming, and pressure forming.

    State: NY
  • Lasermation, Inc.

    Lasermation, Inc. offers acrylic machining and fabrication products, including: awards, components, displays, letters/numbers, signage, prototypes, POP's, and panels/crests. Processes include: laser engraving/cutting, dye sublimation, CMYK process/screen/pad printing, CNC routing, mechanical engraving, chemical welding, etc.

    State: PA
  • Plastic Products Inc

    Plastic Products, Inc. offers mil-specs, federal specs, and ASTM specs. Mil-spec products include: MIL-P-5425C acrylic sheeting (heat resistant), MIL-P-8184B modified acrylic plastic sheeting, MIL-A8576B acrylic adhesive monomer system, MIL-P-19735B molding acrylic for lighting fixtures, etc. Federal spec products include: L-P-507 extruded acrylic sheeting, L-P-508 decorative/non-decorative laminated plastic sheeting, etc. ASTM spec products include: D2282-99 standard spec for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene plastic pipe (SDR-PR), D4802-94 standard spec for poly(methyl methacrylate) acrylic plastic sheeting, etc.

    State: NC
  • Connecticut Plastics, Inc

    Connecticut Plastics, Inc. offers acrylic parts and materials for a variety of applications, including: merchandising displays, lighting fixture diffusers/tubes, optical displays, security glazing, aquariums, hockey rinks, window glazing, window frames, shower enclosures, etc. Acrylic properties include: thermal stability, dimensional stability, consistent tensile strength at temperatures of up to 160°F, weather resistant, distortion-free, lightweight, combustible, etc.

    State: CT
  • Acrilex, Inc

    Acrilex, Inc. offers distributed acrylic products in sheet, rod, tube, and extrusion configurations. Acrylic is stocked in a greater variety of colors than any plastic material, and is the most readily available in custom colors or special effects. Acrylic products offer excellent optical qualities, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, weathering, and water. Applications include: interior/exterior signs, displays, store fixtures, furniture, optical instruments, aircraft domes, glazing, lighting fixtures, etc.

    State: NJ
  • CNC Industries

    CNC Industries offers plastic machining parts. CNC industries has extensive experience in machining plastics of all types. CNC uses the latest CNC equipment as well as advanced information to ensure quality and on-time deliveries. CNC offers acrylic plastic materials, as well as: G7, acetal, acetate, styrene, ABS, LDPE, propylene, polyurethane, etc.

    State: IN
  • East Coast Precision Mfg

    East Coast Precision Mfg. offers plastic machining and fabrication for a variety of industries, including: telecommunication, medical, high technology, manufacturing, aircraft, home construction, chemical, etc. East Coast Precision machines acrylic materials using state of the art CNC equipment. Finishing techniques include acrylic polishing, buffing, annealing, etc. Other materials used for machining include: acetal, nylon, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, phenolics, etc.

    State: CT
  • Vinyl Technology, Inc

    Vinyl Technology, Inc. offers fabrication, thermoforming, and vacuum forming products. All products manufactured are made in strict accordance with ISO 9001:2008, BQMS, and GMP quality control requirements. Vinyl Technology serves the military, space program, and extreme sports industries.

    State: CA
  • Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, Inc.

    Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, Inc. offers a variety of thermo plastic materials, including: ABS, acetal, acrylic, CPVC, nylon polycarbonate, polypropylene, PVC, teflon glass cloth, UHMW, vespel, etc. Products have a close tolerance cutting to +/- 0.005.

    State: CA
  • OptiSpac Inc.

    OptiSpac Inc. is a ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer of metal and plastic materials. Acrylic machining services are available such as boring, turning, threading and milling to low tolerance specification for prototyping or large production runs.

    State: CA