Copper Machining Category

(15 companies)
State: IL, PA
  • ACR Machine Inc

    ACR Machine, Inc. offers a wide range of 4-Axis, 5-Axis, and CNC machining services for tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and a variety of other metals/plastics. ACR machines have the following capabilities: thread milling, internal/external thread cutting, tapping, honing, polishing, grinding, deburring, engraving, scroll machining, knurling, boring, etc.

    State: PA
  • American Aluminum Co

    American Aluminum Co. provides a variety of metal forming services, including: custom fabricating, hydroforming, deep drawing, trimming, iriditing, anodizing, painting, spinning, swedging, light assembly, CNC machining, etc. American Aluminum processes the following materials: steel, titanium, brass, monel, nickel, mu metal, copper, inconel, hastelloy, stainless steel, and aluminum.

    State: NJ
  • Wilke Enginuity Inc

    Wilke Enginuity, Inc. offers fabrication and CNC forming services for OEM parts, metal boxes, armor plates, flanges, and metal bracket products. These machines can produce products that are up to 8' long, up to 0.500" thick, and weigh up to 100 tons. Wilke serves the promotional, ornamental, manufacturing, industrial, furniture, and architectural industries.

    State: PA
  • Magna Machine & Tool

    Magna Machine & Tool provides CNC machining services to the following industries: burial, die, tool, medical, material transport, machinery, electronic, defense, aerospace, and automotive. These machines feature 2-4 axis machining capabilities, positioning/repeatability tolerances ranging from 0.0003" to 0.0005", and the following usable materials: wood, Teflon, steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, copper, cast iron, bronze, brass, aluminum, and acrylic.

    State: IN
  • Wisconsin Metal Parts

    Wisconsin Metal Parts offers welding, sub-assembly, special packaging, plating, painting, and heat treatment metal stamping services. Wisconsin Metal's machines feature high speed progressive tooling, in-die tapping, cosmetic parts, rolled parts/tubes, material thicknesses ranging from 0.003" to 0.125", and seamless transitions when taking on transfer projects.

    State: WI
  • Watteredge, Inc

    Watteredge, Inc. designs and manufactures the following power equipment products: bus bars, battery connectors, industrial rubber hosing, high current DC switches, water cooled power cables, bus bar systems, copper grounding systems/components, etc.

    State: OH
  • Blue Grass Manufacturing

    Blue Grass Manufacturing offers CNC machining services for removing plastics, nylon, delrin, phenol, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and iron. These machines are used in conjunction with multi-spindle drills, broaches, Landis threaders, thread rollers, tapping machines, drills, and milling machines for designing work cells so that a lean manufacturing process can be attained.

    State: KY
  • Fairchild Auto-Mated Parts

    Fairchild Auto-Mated Parts utilizes CNC turning and bar-fed screw machines to process the following materials: nickel, monel, steel, copper, magnetic iron, plastic, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and aluminum. These machines can produce parts in a variety of sizes/shapes, with diameters up to 2.500", lengths up to 20", and +/-0.0001 repeatability ratings. Applications include: hardware, telecommunications, medical, plumbing, products, recreational, valve components, transportation, aerospace, etc.

    State: CT
  • Morgan Bronze

    Morgan Bronze specializes in manufacturing bronze bearings and machined bearing components, utilizing high-tech automation, machinery, robotic cells, and computer networking.

    State: IL
  • JIT Global Enterprises

    JIT Global Enterprises offers prototyping and production stamping services. JIT's production stamping services can be used for a variety of projects, including: lead frame, short run, high speed, high precision, continuous strip, long run, assembly, close tolerance, and high volume. Production stampings are performed using presses ranging from 30 to 100 to capacities and stamp materials ranging from 0.003 to 3/16".

    State: PA
  • Gem Manufacturing

    Gem Manufacturing's engineering capabilities consist of the manufacturing of precision deep drawn metal products, mechanical assemblies, and stampings. Gem Manufacturing can process pre-plated, aluminum, stainless steel/nickel-based alloy, 1008/1070 steel, copper, bronze, and brass materials into oval, round, square, rectangular, or irregular shapes. Products can be produced with the following features: in-die tapping, roll threading, knurls, beads, ribs, lances, cut-outs, and multiple pierced holes. Finishing options include: printing, plating, heat treating, passivation, cleaning, etc.

    State: CT
  • John Prosock Machine

    John Prosock Machine offers copper CNC machining services for electrical, engineering, and environmental applications. Machines are fed with high-quality copper alloys to ensure their copper parts are capable of maximum performance. Copper materials have the following benefits: versatility, ductility, machinability, corrosion resistance, conductivity, and strength.

    State: PA
  • Monti, Inc

    Monti, Inc. offers copper CNC machining services for the production of a variety of electrical industry products, including: connectors, lugs, clamps, grounding kits, bus bars, stabs, contacts, etc. These machines provide customers with parts ranging from repair, proto-typing, and low volume all the up to high volume productions.

    State: OH
  • Adron Tool Corp

    State: WI
  • Lasermation, Inc.

    Lasermation, Inc. provides a wide range of copper machining services, including: process/screen printing, pad-dye sublimation, complete wood-working, plating, serializing, laser engraving/cutting, CNC mechanical engraving, photo-chemical milling/etching, etc.

    State: PA