Molybdenum Machining Category

(12 companies)
State: CA, CT, IL, MA, NY
  • Refracto Technologies Inc

    Refracto Technologies Inc. precision machines refractory metals including molybdenum. The company's machining capabilities include perfect round micro holes and slots to 3 micron, parts up to 4400 pounds, and production of fastener sockets, spline, and gears. The molybdenum parts are used in the aerospace, communication satellites, defense/military, electronics, medical, microwave, nuclear, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and solar industries.

  • Cidra Precision Services

    Cidra Precision Services specializes in machining micron level tolerance products from molybdenum. Specific products include heat shields, helixed mandrels, high temperature electrodes, integrated circuit base plates, rocket nozzles, and terminal pins.

  • Dale Engineering

    Dale Engineering runs a precision CNC machine shop that specializes in producing small and medium size components comprised of molybdenum. The company's precision machine capabilities include drilling to .002 diameter and boring to .010 diameter. The molybdenum components are used in the medical, biotech, electronics, and semiconductor industries.

  • Euclid Precision Grinding Co

    Euclid Precision Griniding Co. utilizes abrasives to shape specialty refractory metals such as molybdenum into components used in the semiconductor, medical, aerospace, manufacturing, and machine rebuilding industries.

    State: OH
  • Sylhan

    Molybdenum precision machined parts and assemblies produced by Sylhan are used in the electronic, semiconductor, and lighting industries. Products include ion implantation chambers and heat sources, sputtering targets, backing plates, and molecular beam epitaxy and MOCVD devices.

  • Performex Machining Co

    Performex Machining Co. machines molybdenum parts in a number of sizes and shapes that feature a variety of turning and milling features. The company also produces 2.000 diameter molybdenum parts created for special work holding techniques.

  • Midwest Tungsten Service

    Midwest Tungsten Service machines molybdenum parts to tolerances of plus or minus 0.0005". The company specializes in machining parts for high vacuum, medical, electronic, and aerospace applications.

  • Diamond Ground Products Inc

    Diamond Ground Products Inc. specializes in fabricating and machining molybdenum from low-volume prototype and high volume production, to rods and complex fabrications with strict tolerances. Common parts machined from molybdenum include welding electrodes, light bulb elements, heating element, electrical contacts, furnace tooling, sintering trays, heat sinks, fixtures and heat shields, anti-vibration devices, vibration sensing devices, transition spaces, counterweights, balancing weights, rigid elements, jigs, boring bars, shafting, and grinding quills.

  • Elcon Precision LLC

    Elcon Precision LLC conducts precision machining of molybdenum parts from prototype to low volume production. Industries served include: defense, energy, solar product manufacturing, aerospace, biomedical, communication, computer and electronics, vacuum electronics, medical, military, semiconductor and optical.

    State: CA
  • Thermo Shield

    high temperature fabrication services including machining of molybdenum. The company has high temperature alloy parts and assemblies that have worked on a number of applications including: ovens, vacuum furnaces, reaction vessels, incinerators, capacitor anodes, filaments, chemical process equipment, heat shielding, aerospace components, and forging dies.

    State: CA
  • AT Precision

    AT Precision performs high speed CNC machining of molybdenum components and parts that exceed ANSI and MIL standards.

    State: IL
  • INTA Technologies

    INTA Technologies CNC machines components from refractory metals such as molybdenum. The company serves a number of industries including medical and life science, energy, analytical instruments, machine shops and etching, aerospace and military, electronics and semiconductor, optics and sound, telecommunications, vacuum, RF, x-ray, and microwave.

    State: CA