Tantalum Machining Category

(5 companies)
State: CA, NY
  • Sylhan

    Sylhan machines refractory metal components including tantalum parts used in semiconductor and electronics high energy applications including ion implantation, ion beam source, sputtering targets, MOCVD and MBE thin film deposition, medical, aerospace, and lighting.

  • Refracto Technologies Inc

    Refracto Technologies Inc. performs precision refractory metal machining and EDM machining of Tantalum fastener sockets, spline, and gears. The company serves the aerospace, communication satellites, defense/military, electronics, medical, microwave, nuclear, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and solar industries.

  • Delta Machine Co

    Delta Machine Co. performs Tantalum machining of large and small precision components that meet military and international standards.

    State: CA
  • Thermo Shield

    Thermo Shield provides custom machining, forming, stamping and extrusion of Tantalum. Products machined from Tantalum include foil, rods, screens, sheets, wire, fasteners, plates, and tubes.

    State: CA
  • CVM Inc

    CVM Inc. machines common and exotic engineering materials including Tantalum parts and split Tantalum parts. The company machines components and parts for the consumer products, medical, semiconductor, energy and defense industries.

    State: CA