Glass Machining Category

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State: CT, NM, OH, PA
  • Specialty Glass Products

    Specialty Glass Products offers glass materials, glass products, glass manufacturing capabilities, and specialty glass product fabrication. Types of materials offered include: Borosilicate, soda lime, sapphire, optical glass, filter glass, and fused quartz/silica. Products manufactured by Specialty Glass include: glass cuvettes, discs, plates, rectangles, rods, squares, substrates, tubing rectangular ID, tubing round ID, tubing square ID, wafers, and custom designs. Manufacturing capabilities include: glass coating, laser cutting, redrawn tubing, precision bore tubing, multi-forming, molding, multibore tubing, etc.

    State: PA
  • INSACO, Inc.

    INSACO, Inc. offers schott glass Zerodur®, corning glass Macor®, and corning glass ULE®. Schott Zerodur® glass is a glass ceramic with an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient of 0.00 +/- 0.1 x 10-6/°C. Corning Macor® glass is a machinable glass ceramic that withstands high temperatures while providing tight tolerance capability. Corning Macor® glass has a mechanical density of 2.52 gm/cc and a maximum working temperature of 1000°C. Corning ULE® glass is an ultra-low expansion glass with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Corning ULE® glass has a thermal conductivity of 1.31 W/mK, and a maximum working temperature of 800°C.

    State: PA
  • Precision Glass Products

    Precision Glass Products (PGP) offers glass thermal forming (scientific glass blowing) and glass/quartz grinding and polishing. PGP offers glass thermal forming for: black quartz, carbide, ceramic, fused silica, glass, optical glass, Pyrex®, quartz, and Zerodur® materials. Gas in the cell can generally be controlled from about 750 torr (0.985 atmosphere) down to 50 to 60 Pa (about 0.5 torr). PGP's glass/quartz grinding and polishing utilizes a variety of processes, including: cylindrical, jib, lapping, plane surface, polishing, rotary diamond, spherical, and ultrasonic grinding. Maximum diameter for part size is 12", and the maximum part volume is 5000 cm3. Tolerance for ground features is +/- 0.0001" in diameter/straightness of 50 uinch/inch for precision honed holes.

    State: PA
  • Glass Fab, Inc

    Glass Fab, Inc. offers a tremendous inventory of raw materials, including: optical glass, filter glass, fused silica, fused quartz, low expansion materials, ultra low expansion materials, commercial and industrial glass, UV materials, IR materials, etc. Glass Fab specializes in being able to select the materials to various quality levels of straie, bubbles, homogeneity, birefringence, and transmission. Glass Fab will then machine these selected materials to customer requested blank sizes.

    State: NY
  • Flabeg Technical Glass

    Flabeg Technical Glass offers TV screens, picture glass, cover glass, traffic safety mirror, display glass, front surface mirrors, special glasses, cosmetic mirrors, sunvisor mirrors,  beam splitters, filter glass, etc. Flabeg's TV screens have exceptional reduction in disruptive residual reflection, a homogeneous coating, a high resistance to aging, and an almost 100% material utilization. Flabeg's picture glass offers minimal reflection, UV protection, transparency, and safety. Etched glass is used mainly in dashboards and is scratchproof, chemical resistant, and hydrophobic coated. Leading glass provides efficient UV protection, is qualified for use in both indoor and outdoor applications, and is heat temparable. Flabeg's cover glass has an anti-reflection level of more than 99%, an outstanding layer adhesion, and is scratchproof/friction-resistant.

    State: CT
  • GrayGlass

    GrayGlass offers custom glass fabrication capabilities, including: cutting, sizing, digitizing, edge seaming, grinding, polishing, beveling, hole drilling, bending/sagging, sawing/slicing, polishing, laminating, UV bonding, ceramic decorating, stain etching, engraving, heat tempering, etc. GrayGlass has over 1,000 glass varieties in stock with very high tolerance capabilities.

    State: NY
  • Rayoteck Scientific

    Rayotek operates a full-spectrum glass and sapphire polishing, grinding, and cutting facility that produces glass, sapphire and ceramic domes, tubes, v-blocks, micro parts, micro tubes, optics, etc. Rayotek produces low-cost, precision, flat glass shapes, with thicknesses ranging from 0.25 to 25mm. Services offered include: water jet cutting, laser cutting, 3-axis surface grinding, diamond grinding/polishing, and ultrasonic machining.

    State: CA
  • Cidra Precision Services

    Cidra Precision Services offers infrared transmitting glass, fused silica glass, crown glass, borosilicate glass, and ceramic materials. Transmitting glass comes in two forms: Germanium Oxide and Chalcogenide glass. Geranium Oxide is transmissive in the visible and near infrared region of 300nm to 5.0um. Chalcogenide glass is transmissive in the far infrared range of 4.0um to 14.0um. Fused silica glass is resistant to scratching, has a very low thermal expansion, and a high softening point, so it is extremely thermal shock resistant. Crown glass is suitable for applications in which component tolerances are fairly loose, and as a substrate material for mirrors. Borosilicate glass has a relatively low coefficient of thermal expansion and because of this, it is commonly used for chemical laboratory equipment, lighting and some optical windows. The glass ceramic materials offered by Cidra include: AREMCOLOX®, Foturan®, Macor®, Robax®, ULE glass®, and Zerodur®.

    State: CT
  • Sonic-Mill, A Member of The Bell Group

    Sonic-Mill provides glass machining services. Services include: drilling long/deep holes in borosilicate glass performs, machining thousands of holes in silicon, machining slots/pockets into silicon carbide, machining intricate configurations in quartz, and drilling holes very close to each other and near edges into sapphire. Sonic-Mill works with glass, ferrite, alumina, sapphire, quarts, silicon, piezo electronic, and silicon carbide materials.

    State: NM
  • Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.

    Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc. offers custom, precision glass machining and finishing of tight tolerance components to a broad range of high technology markets. Services include: ultrasonic machining, abrasive machining, dicing, sawing, finishing, polishing, drilling, milling, grinding, etc. Glass materials commonly used include: borosilicates, glass ceramics, schott D263®, etc. Applications include: MEMS pressure sensors, microfluidic/life science, industrial, defense, aerospace, microelectronics, solar energy, medical, and telecommunication components.

    State: OH
  • Swift Glass Co

    Swift Glass Co. has become known for its unlimited capabilities in cutting to close tolerances. Cutting capabilities include: circles, ovals, squares, radiused corners, and odd or irregular shapes. Swift Glass' other manufacturing capabilities include: chemical strengthening, convexing, bending, cutting, decorating, drilling, edge grinding, milling, surface lapping, polishing, tempering, and waterjet cutting.

    State: NY
  • Corry Laser Technology Inc

    Corry Laser Technology, Inc. offers laser cutting of materials to a very high level of precision and edge quality. Using their CO2 lasers, Corry Laser can cut metals and non-metals, including: ceramics, composites, plastics, rubber, and glass. With 7-axis CNC capability, we can cut and trim deep-drawn and hydro-formed parts in 3 dimensions.


    State: PA
  • PEG, Inc

    PEG, Inc. offers precision bore shrinking, glass lathe fabrication, precision grinding/polishing, cutting, and special end finishing. Ultra accurate precision bore shrinking is done by shrinking inner diameters from 0.011" to 10" with tolerances of +/- 0.05%. Glass lathe fabrication is critical to a variety of applications, including: X-ray tube components, infra-red detectors, photomultipliers, etc. Precision grinding/polishing operations can handle lengths up to 170", outer diameters of up to 6", and can hold wall concentricity tolerances to 0.0005" or better. Flexible cutting and end finishing capabilities allow virtually unlimited design options.

    State: NJ
  • KMT Waterjet

    KMT Waterjet offers glass cutting services. Both thin and thick glass materials can be cut/derailed with precise cutting stream. And because water jet cutting does not vibrate the glass, produce heat-affected zones, or leave behind rough edges, almost no secondary finishing is required. The water jet stream's output is three times the speed of sound and pressure levels can go up to 90,000 psi if necessary.

    State: KS
  • Inventex, Inc

    Inventex, Inc. offers machined glass & ceramic optics. Specialties include: machining and surfacing silicon carbide, micro-grinding on axis and off axis spheres, and engineering of prototype machining methods. Inventex is capable of lightweight machining up to 2 meters in diameter and is able to micro-grind on-axis spheres.

    State: NH