Micromachining Category

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State: OH, OR, WI
  • Oxford Lasers

    Oxford Lasers offers the following micromachining services: scribing, dicing, micro-milling, laser micro-cutting, and laser micro-drilling. Micro-milling machining is ideal for the following applications: creating micro-fluidics devices, producing micro-stamping tools, producing micro-molds, etc. Micro-milling can be used on the surface of most materials to create 2.5D features. Laser micro-cutting services are used to machine down to 2mm deep and cut down to 1 micron wide. These services can be used on almost any type of material.

    State: MA
  • R.S. Precision Industries Inc

    R.S. Precision Industries, Inc. offers wire EDM micromachining services and CNC machining services for small complex parts. EDM micromachining services are performed with the following machines: hole popper, micro hole, CNC sinker, and wire. These machines can produce complex cuts, holes adjacent to deep sidewalls, blind undercuts, high aspect ratio holes/slots, etc. R.S. Precision's CNC machining services are both ISO-9001:2008 and AS9100 certified, and they are ideally utilized for the optical, defense, aerospace, and medical industries.

    State: NY
  • Laser Light Technologies Inc

    Laser Light Technologies, Inc. (LLTI) offers laser drilling, laser cutting, and 2D machining services. LLTI's laser cutting systems can produce kerfs widths below the 10um level, they have absolute positional accuracies to better than ±0.001, and working areas up to 18" x 24". These systems have applications for dicing/re-shaping semiconductor wafers, cutting metal/polymer stents, shadow masks out of flat sheets/tubing, stencils, gaskets, gears, washers, etc. Machinable materials include polymers, acrylics, polyimides, ceramics, sapphire, titanium, tungsten, platinum, aluminum, steel, etc.

    State: MO
  • Johnson Matthey Medical Components

    Johnson Matthey Medical Components offers micro-machining services for the following applications: catheter shafts, maxiofacial screws/plates, guidewires, bushings, cleanroom fixturing, stents, hypotubes, precision fixtures, vessel closure implants, etc. Services offered include: laser cutting/welding, TiN sputter coating, machining depths to 10x the ID, heat treating, 7-axis screw machines, 3-12 axis machining, etc. Johnson Matthey can machine a wide range of materials, including platinum, karat golds, silver, BioMed Series alloys, kovar, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

    State: PA
  • Microfabrica

    Microfabrica offers stereolithography micromachining services for micro-parts and machines. These proprietary, ultra-high precision, repeatable, robust machines are ideal for applications involving palladium, rhodium, or Valloy 120 materials. They have tolerances to ±2 microns, feature sizes up to 20 microns, and they can produce the following embedded features: counter-bores, pockets, ports, vias, mechanisms, identifications, etc.

    State: CA
  • High Tech Turning Inc

    High Tech Turning, Inc. offers micromachining services for the production of plastic and miniature metal components. These machining services can be utilized for components as small as 0.20" in diameter, tolerances of 0.0005", lengths under 0.25", and drilled holes under 0.010". High Tech machines a wide range of materials, including nitinol, nickel, stainless steel, titanium, plastic, etc.

    State: MA
  • Owens Industries Inc.

    Owens Industries, Inc. offers micromachining for metallic components with micron accuracies, utilizing 5-axis, sink EDM, and wire EDM machining centers. Applications include: collimators, MEMS fiber optic components, electronic microscope accessories, components for respiration monitoring equipment, miniature components for nuclear armament timing devices, miniature gears for the ophthalmic industry, etc.

    Oak Creek
    State: WI
  • Makino Inc

    Makino, Inc. offers micromachining services from the following machines: iQ300, EDAC1, V22, and UPJ-2. Model iQ300 precision micromachining centers have a 0.005 micron scale feedback, spindle RPMs up to 45,000, 220 lb maximum payloads, and LCD light panel mold inserts. These centers feature nozzle coolants, automatic lubrication, thermal guards, linear motors, and an axis drive temperature control system.

    State: OH
  • Resonetics Inc

    Resonetics, Inc. offers laser micromachining services for the following applications: industrial components, flexible circuits, semiconductor OEM components, medical device components, and assembly manufacturing. Resonetics will cut, mill, strip, skiv, and drive: glass, ceramic, and thin metals, with tolerances approaching 1 micron. Resonetics utilizes +50 laser micromachining systems for processing balloons, filters, and catheters for a variety of markets, including occular, dental, neurostimulation, diabetes management, cardiac rythm management, etc.

    State: NH
  • Optics Technology Inc

    Optics Technology, Inc. offers the following miniature mechanical fabrication services: micro/miniature assemblies, micro/miniature screw matching, miniature gear hobbing, miniature CNC turning, and micro CNC milling.

    State: NY
  • Clark-MXR Inc

    Clark-MXR, Inc. offers offers micro-machining services with ultra-fast lasers. These services have the following benefits: sub-micron features, precise/repeatable results, no heat-affected zone, no splatter, no de-lamination, no wavelength dependence, no damage to adjacent material, they can machine virtually any material, etc. Model UMW-Series ultra-fast micro-machining workstation have travels up to 300mm, accuracies up to 1.0 microns, and up to 0.5 micron repeatability.

    State: MI
  • Micron Laser Technology

    Micron Laser Technology provides micro-machining services for the consumer electronics, aerospace, and biomedical industries.

    State: OR
  • Micro Machine Shop

    Micro Machine Shop offers micromachining services for the valve, microwave, semi-conductor, and medical industries. They machine parts ranging from miniature to medium sizes, and they can work on plastic/metal materials.

    State: CA
  • Medical Micro Machining Inc

    Medical Micro Machining, Inc. specializes in micromachining services for the microwave, electronics, dental, fiber-optics, and medical industries. Facilities include automatic and micro screw machines.

    State: WA
  • Aurora Micro Machine

    Aurora Micro Machine offers micromachining services for the stamping tool, vacuum chuck, micro mold, spinnerettes, micro electronics, fiber-optics, automotive, and medical industries. These machines have the following benefits: no burning effects, no material alterations, no entrance/exit deformation, high productivity quality, high quality surface finishes, accurate holes, etc.

    State: MA