Phenolic Machining Category

(12 companies)
State: MA, PA
  • C & P Plastics

    C & P Plastics offers plastic fabrication services for a wide range of industries, including: pharmaceutical, packaging, medical, marine, consumer goods, biotechnology, automotive, architectural, telecommunications, safety, etc. C & P's machines can produce products with material thicknesses up to 1/2", widths up to 4 feet, and lengths up to 8 feet.

    State: TX
  • Mica-Tron Products Corp.

    Mica-Tron Products Corp. offers composite and plastic machining services. Composites offered include paper based laminates, cotton fabric based laminates, glass fabric based laminates, and synthetic fabric grades. NEMA grades FR-1, XXX, XX, XP, and X paper based laminates are often utilized for their excellent mechanical and electrical properties. NEMA grades LE, L, CE, and C cotton fabric phenolics have mechanical/structural applications, and they offer higher strength properties than paper-based grades.

    State: MA
  • JPM of Mississippi

    JPM of Mississippi offers phenolic laminate materials for a variety of fabrication needs.

    State: MS
  • Westmoreland Plastics

    Westmoreland Plastics offers a wide range of thermoset molding compounds for the following applications: automotive parts, knobs, cookware handles, appliance parts, seal rings, gas meter parts, switch housings, meter bases, fuse blocks, connectors, capacitor caps, etc. Westmoreland's thermoset compounds include: melamine-phenolic, special grade phenolic, electrical grade phenolic, glass-filled phenolic, carbon graphite phenolic, impact resistant phenolic, heat resistant phenolic, general purpose phenolic, etc.

    State: PA
  • Connecticut Plastics

    Connecticut Plastics offers Phenolic/G10 laminates for backup/template material, electrical component, electrical insulation, and gear teeth applications. These laminates feature dry/wet stability, great dielectric properties, resistance to moisture, and a dimensionally stable construction. They come in a wide range of colors.

    State: CT
  • Miller Plastic Products, Inc.

    Miller Plastic Products, Inc. offers custom plastic materials in a variety of materials, including: polycarbonate, nylon, noryl, linen phenolic, lexan, kynar, delrin, CPVC, etc. Linen phenolic materials feature fine-weave cotton bases, low moisture absorptions, and electrical property retention.

    State: PA
  • Norva Plastics

    Norva Plastics offers phenolic fabrication materials in a variety of grades, including: glass based, fabric, paper, circular saw, band saw, etc. Circular saws for phenolic materials feature RPM ratings ranging from 2150 to 2860, diameters ranging from 12" to 16", and up to 200 teeth. These saws have the following applications: tubing cuts, all-purpose, smooth cuts, and rough cuts.

    State: VA
  • JMJ Profile

    JMJ Profile offers G10 CNC phenolic machining services for the following applications: washers, bushings, spacers, shields, back planes, faceplates, machine parts, displays, signs, instrument covers, terminal boards, templates, etc. JMJ's paper phenolic materials can handle tensile strengths up to 2000 PSI, shear strengths up to 12000 PSI, and compressive strengths up to 36000 PSI.

    State: NJ
  • J.J. Orly, Inc

    J.J. Orly, Inc. offers a wide range phenolic machining materials, including: phenolic rod, phenolic tube, phenolic XXX, phenolic XX, phenolic C, phenolic LE, etc. Phenolic C cotton cloth, economy grade, phenolic materials have applications for environments without electrical insulation. This material is mechanically stable, low in moisture absorption, high in impact strength, and MIL-I-24678 compliant.

    State: NJ
  • K & E Plastics

    K & E Plastics offers CNC plastic machining services for phenolic materials. Other materials supplied include: delrin, UHMW, plexiglas, lexan, acrylics, teflon, PVC, nylon, etc.

    State: VT
  • San Diego Plastics

    San Diego Plastics offers phenolic sheeting for the following materials: industrial laminates, machining components, transformers, washers, gaskets, wear strips, gears, bearings, switches, terminal boards, etc. These sheets feature chemical/corrosion resistance, a lightweight construction, excellent machinability/dimensional stability, and a dialectically strong design.

    State: CA
  • Severna

    Severna offers CNC milling services for phenolic spacer boards. These boards feature tolerances to +/-0.0005", thicknesses to 0.031", widths to 0.50", and lengths to 1.25". They are commonly used in the electronics industry. These boards can be tolled, mill profiled, drill holed, etc.

    State: NJ