Polycarbonate Machining Category

(11 companies)
State: CA, NE, NJ
  • eMachineShop

    eMachineShop features polycarbonate machining in sheet, rod, plate, hex and pipes. eMachineShop allows you to fabricate custom polycarbonate parts through blanking, counter-boring, drilling, reaming, bandsawing, lathing, threading/tapping vacuum forming and a variety of others.

    State: NJ
  • Connecticut Plastics

    Connecticut Plastics feature thermoplastic machining resulting in products with high impact resistance, excellent toughness, UL-rated V-0 flame resistance, and general heat resistance up to 265F, low moisture absorption and a high corrosion resistance. Practical applications include glasses/optical systems, manifolds, windows and appliance parts.

    State: CT
  • East Coast Precision Manufacturing LLC

    East Coast Precision Manufacturing offers Lexan and polycarbonate machining in rod and sheet systems. Industries served include medical, transportation, light/heavy industrial, chemical systems, aeronautics, manufacturing, telecommunications, home construction and others.

    State: CT
  • E & T Plastic Mfg Co Inc

    E&T features CNC routing and laser cutting of machine-grade polycarbonate, for continuous use systems up to 250F. E&T polycarbonate are FDA, USDA and NSF compliant, and are available in glass-filled. Industries served include food service, electronic systems and medical facilities.

    State: NY
  • R & B Plastics

    R&B Plastics custom fabricates a variety of polycarbonate products, including safety equipment, casings, exterior plates/covers, eyeglass lenses, equipment housings and automotive covers. Primary industries served include medical, transportation/aeronautics, electronics and automotive.

    State: CA
  • Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc.

    Emco specializes in custom machined lengths and sizes of polycarbonate in sheets, round rods and tubes. Emco offers a wide variety of materials, including Delrin, Nylon, PFTE, Ultem, Noryl, Polysulfone, Vespel, Lexan and Techron PPS.

    Cedar Grove
    State: NJ
  • CNC Industries

    CNC manufactures all grades of Lexan and polycarbonate components, including rods, tubes, boards, plates and sheets. CNC features milling, turning, quality control and finishing processes.

    State: IN
  • Delmar Company

    Delmar features high-speed polycarbonate CNC machining , milling and turning with tight tolerances to 0.005 inches. In addition, Delmar offers secondary operations, 3D fixture molds and prototype machining.

    State: MN
  • Tri-V Tool & Manufacturing Co.

    Tri-V fabricates custom polycarbonate products through a variety of methods, including lathes, waterjets and laser cutting. System applications include electrical insulation, lubrication lines and structural dampening.

    State: NE
  • Tri-State Plastics Inc

    Tr-State Plastics custom fabricates polycarbonates through precision CNC machining. Tri-State utilizes computer-controlled G-codes from CAM software to engineer products on their three and five axis machining centers.

    State: PA
  • Optispac

    OptiSpac Inc. is a ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer of metal and plastic materials. Available services include custom polycarbonate machining such as milling, turning, threading and boring.

    State: CA